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Seeing as I cannot at this time make the Foundry spawn whatever ship I want (e.g. dreadnoughts) whenever I want, I've been trying to do some experiments on the relative strengths of ships. I am doing this because I like epic space battles, and like to flood space combat maps with battlefleets, friend and foe alike.

What I've been doing is stationing four battleship groups of one faction against four battleship groups of another faction. The four groups are in lines roughly 4 km long and parallel to each-other, the distance separating them about 8 km, meaning that the two factions start out with their broadsides turned to each-other. What I have found out so far is that battleship strength falls out in approximately the following hierarchy, from strongest to weakest:

Undine Vila Battleship
Romulan D'deridex Battleship
Cardassian Keldon Class*
Borg Cube*
Jem'Hadar Battleship*
Federation Typhoon Class Battleship
Klingon Neg'Var Warship

*Whether the Cardassians (True Way) win or not against Borg seems to depend on how many Keldons are spawned. Two or more Keldons generally means that the Cardassians will win. With no or only one Keldon, the Borg usually win.

I will also note that multiple groups are stronger than single groups in almost all cases. Two Federation cruiser groups were able to take out a single Borg battleship group, as one of the cruisers spawned was an escort. Two Federation fighter 2 groups were able to take down a single Undine Vila without a whole lot of trouble. That said, six Undine Vilas were able to defeat eight assorted Keldons and Jem'Hadar battleships of the True Way.

Before I continue, has anybody else run this experiment, so that I don't wind up duplicating somebody else's work?