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Originally Posted by valkarie14 View Post
Where do i getvthe jem hadar set? Im on season 2 atm and heard im not far from getting a reman shield
The Reman shield is decent, good cap but low regeneration rate and no hardening. The Jem'Hadar set is from the Dominion featured episodes near the end of the Cardassian arc, so you'd have to skip ahead or just wait to play another 20 missions. The engine and deflector are both from the mission "Operation Gamma," and the shield is from "Boldly They Rode." Might be worth the jump ahead and do the whole Dominion series (its one of the better arcs IMHO), starting with "Second Wave," then go back and do the skipped missions properly.

The reason the Jem'hadar shield in particular is nice is that it gives 10% reduction to all damage period (including kinetic) plus a crew survival bonus, and its a Resilient shield and so reduces bleedthrough. Even has a decent cap and regen rate besides. Additionally, the 2-piece set bonus gives extra damage to polaron weapons, and the 3-piece gives you an extra cloak detection and AOE-shield zapper (not that powerful, but a little extra damage never hurt). Probably the best gear around short of the Reputation and Fleet based stuff.