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Originally Posted by loganwilliams1 View Post
I don't think it's the fleet. I think it's more the misguided ambition of one person. Sadly, that reflects on the entire fleet, some of which I know are decent folks. If your fleet is looking to preserve the integrity and health of the game perhaps you should consider relieving yourselves of the individual.

Furthermore, in dealings I've had and have witnessed, the individual in question has always presented his best benevolent approach while turning allies to enemies behind your back. It's no surprise to me of the level of the attempted ruse.

Do PvP a favor. Don't try to get involved on behalf of the greater community.

Logan, I respect you as a good PVPer and as a person, but what you are saying is not true. Your personal feelings towards certain individuals from our fleet is clouding your judgement.

Also, all our actions were collectivly decided upon. As a fleet.

Our goal is and always will be to improve the state of PVP in this game, to better inter-fleet relations, to promote fair play and to act as role models for the PVP community. And the last days showed that we are not alone. The vast majority of the community is sharing our values and is expressing their support for us.

But we also have the feeling that other parties unfortunatly do not believe in these values. That some may be preaching similar values but are concerned only for their own benefit, the future of this game be damned.

We try to be better than that. With this thread Shimmer is expressing our values, who we are and what we stand for.

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