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01-15-2013, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by wirtdd View Post
This will sound too simple, but the thing is too simple. Like in any other game, aoe is better agaist a group of enemies. Direct attacks works for a single boss type target.

I got the extra 2 boff slots from the c-store so I can, in Khitomer Vortex for example, use CSV and TS to kill probes/spheres/generators and then, at the end, switch my boffs so I use CRF and torpedo high yeld on Donatra's ship. The pause between the normal fight and the boss fight on STFs/Fleet Defense allow u to change quickly ur bridge officers.
This is very good advice. I have at least four TAC BOffs with all my captains for this very reason. Although the latest 'idiot-proofing' patch for the powers tray makes doing this a pain, it's still worth doing.

Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
AoE shouldn't be stronger against a single target than single target skills.

If you're seeing it from other people, there's more likely more going on than just the one skill.

For example, when fighting a single probe, I'm probably not going to blow a lot of abilities on it. Just Rapid Fire, and maybe a high yield torpedo maybe. But when I'm faced with an AoE group, I'm much more likely to use Attack Pattern Alpha, and other general damage boosting skills at the same time.
Heck, someone could have applied APB or MMT on the mob you're shooting at too.