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01-15-2013, 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
thats just absurd. with APA i'll be over 20% before any weapon mods are factored in
Yep Good stuff for no Win Scenario though . Will have to switch weapons to CritD now to benefit more from this.

They already limited this to tactical officers anyways. So worst case scenario is you have a defiant user or fleet mvam with 3 Rom Tac Boffs with +critical chance. Is it really going to be so bad? I mean in pvp you don't crit much because all players have such high defense. In pve this will be nice especially for NWS. 3.8%x3=11.4% max crit chance bonus. 8.9% (with assimilated, tachyon console, zpm console)+11.4%= 20.3%+APA (4.7% 0r 5.01%) 25%ish chance to crit then add in weapons that have crth modifiers. Say max 6% crith for a weapon that gives you 31% critical chance plus spec which maxed out gives you 1.5% critical chance which you end up with 32.5% critical chance. O_O

Now my current build is accx2 crth weapons. so 16.4%+APA+weaponSpec+weapon= 24.9% crit chance. If I change to accx2 critd I'll have 22.9% chance.

32.5% chance to crit is worst case scenario. But in pvp you need at least one acc modifier. MOst use accx3 because of the defense modifier so it would most likely be 32.5%-3.8% (most ships have 2 tac boff slots) -6% (pvp needs acc modifiers so if accx3 weapons... -6%)= 22.7% chance to crit is most likely what pvp players will have if they switch to romulan tac boffs that have the +crth trait.

Now I need to get my team romulan boffs for NWS. ^_^ We want this help build support!