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01-15-2013, 07:59 PM
I realize this has been brought up roughly 7 billion times (or so I'm guessing, only read 2 pages of this thread), but being able to access and use this for DOFF assignments would be totally amazing. I often log on the full client just for DOFF, but I do have overall limited bandwidth and this would burn far less, over the long term. And it would just generally be a fantastic feature. It would be very welcome.

I am not really a fan of social networking getting out of control but this seems like it has massive potential for people sharing characters with friends. And actually gives people a reason to fill out the biography sections, have a little fun writing. I wrote a fairly extensive bio for my Joined Trill KDF character and I guess no one but me ever really sees it. So I dig it.

I could also see this being highly useful down the road for people trying to find fleets that are genuinely full of players that actually care and are active. Could save some people joining fleets they don't want to if they could do some research first.

I do second some of the privacy issues mentioned before about equipment setups, how much Dil is in accounts etc. I do not really need strangers to know my Dil balance.

Characters seem to look slightly weird, the heads don't look quite right.

But overall I find this pretty cool and would like to see it developed more.

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