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01-15-2013, 08:14 PM
I was gifted today with money specificly to purchase an "Ultimate Game Card"

Barns and Noble.. 4 stores) No vards..
Game Stop....... 3 stores) No Cards
EB Games............2 stoes).No nCards
Target.................3 stores).No Cards
Best Buy...............2 STores).No Cards

14 stores no game cards availible.....fark it..I spent $30 on gas and bridge tolls (San Francisco Bay Area) in the one part of the country I should have been pretty much guarenteed to have been able to find this item.

So, instead of PWI making what 45$ on the transaction.. I took the remaining $20 of gift money and got a mear $20 card.

Good Job PWI... not only was this promotion an utter waste of my time, it cost more to chase down which ultimatly did not pan out.

so instead of close to 6000 zen I got a miserable 2000 zen for hours of my time and effort.

From now on forget it.. no more stupid inanane PWI promotion partner offers.

IKf PWI wants to offer promotions then for cry'n out loud make 'em web offers

, because your promotion partners are FLAKES.. (it doesn't surprise me, and I am not in a good mood...I could have been doing something alot more fun today..Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award nomination to Perfect World Entertainment_the award being a statuette of a hand displaying a winged digitus Imputatus,)
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