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01-15-2013, 08:44 PM
In PvE there really isnt a "best". But rather just your preference. I use Phasers, Anti-proton, Polaron, Plasma and Polarized Disruptor cannons on my various ships. For ground on my Klinks I still use the KHG with my old Borg (pre rep system) Anti-proton assault rifle. On my Fed I still use the Omega set with Tetryon pulsewave. It really doesnt matter.

In PvP it depends on what role your playing and your build. Shield stripper? Use Tet. Power drain build? Use Polarons. DPS? Disruptor and Anti-proton rock face. In PvP, plasma is still the worse to use. Even with the Romulan gear plasma bonuses, most people generally have 30%+ in plasma resists BEFORE the STF shields with 20% more resist on top of that.

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