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01-15-2013, 08:47 PM
Sounds to me like you value the people you are playing with more than energy credits and starbases?

If thats the case I would really like you to apply to the Praxian Alliance. We are a circle of friends more than a fleet... some of us have been here since Beta but we currently only have 30 members. Why so small? Because we only accept the "right fit" of player who focuses on becoming close friends with the group and helping each other out as much as possible. We are very focused on the type of player/person we invite into our fleet because we are exclusive and offer many things other fleets do not to enhance your game experience.

We are very private about the custom content and various other "enhancements" we provide to our players because when everyone hits a T5 Starbase there is very little to set them apart from all the others out there. This is why since day ONE we have began to offer more than anyone else in-game can... we are exclusive, we are unique and we are managed by a professional group dedicated to every one of our player's needs and making the fleet into what they envision. Every one of our players has a say in the direction of the fleet, and because people usually dont like "meetings" and "rigid structure" we have a team that does the behind the scenes grunt work for all the extras we offer.

If you are looking for TRUE friendship and an exclusive fleet full of things you cant find anywhere else the i suggest checking out our website.

You are worried about the times you play? Well our members are on at all different times! We have members in Europe and America who find the time to get to know one another on a personal level and play at all times during the day. Even some of us in North America tend to be night owls, giving us the opportunity to play with everyone!

Unlike some of the other posts I see here, I can tell you this isnt a copy+paste that we use on everyone... which hopefully shows you how dedicated and personal we really are to our player base. Every fleet out there is going to say "we are the best", "we are all friends", "we are unique and special"... so honestly there is nothing I can say in words that can prove to you how different and exclusive we really are... I can only show you the difference.


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