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01-15-2013, 10:04 PM
I have been getting stuck in the same exact part of this game ... I have like 5 hours logged in to this game, all of it has been trying to get free or deleting my character and starting again. I haven't even gotten passed the first Space Dock mission after the tutorial. NOTHING has worked. I made a ticket and they got back to me today but none of the fixes they gave me worked.

"I tried Safe Mode, I tried Force Verify, I disabled On Demand Patching, I am on ADMIN, I have UAC off. My anti Virus does not interfere with this game but I shut it off, firewall as well. I don't have any of those programs you told me to delete. I have also deleted and re installed STO 4 times already. Nothing works. I am stuck in front of the space dock. I can see everyone flying around me. I even added a friend so that I can chat with them. They accepted but I could not chat. I don't know why you don't allow new people to chat. My ship just spins around very quickly when I hit A or D then it turns at the normal speed for the game. I can not even log my character out nor can I add the skill points. I hit OK and the menu disappears as if it has accepted my command then does nothing. What Now?"

This is really really annoying. I actually like this game. There has to be someone here that can help me.

Also why the hell can't new people start threads or chat in game? That's ridiculous, not all of us are childish trolls.