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01-15-2013, 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
You might want to try using the uni ensign and keybinding a second EPtS1 rather than HE as it will have more staying power in a fight, otherwise looks great.
that is a valid choice. the 2 HEs are there to keep me alive from bleedthrough dmg (again maco shield would be better). I prefer this, though sometimes I wis I had one more shield heal, other times I thank the gods for the 20 seconds or so the global CD on HEs bought me. rly depends on what you prefer, especially if the shields are gone, you will probably go down with them too.
however if I lost the RSP for directed energy modulation, this change would be a must

Originally Posted by brangel13 View Post
Curious, gearing disruptor consoles affects hanger pets dps values? If I recall the scorpions are plasma attack... correct? Also does maxing the weapon levels impact dps rate for pets as well?
no, pets are not affected sadly. if that was the case, I would have gone plasma, as I originally considered