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01-15-2013, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
It's a Lizard Race which IS what is being discussed... whether or not it fits your definition.

and BTW, take it from an Old Troll... you don't do it very well.

Brushing off others remarks with no personal flair, just creates a situation where folks ignore you....

Come to think of it... <click>
And here we go again. It was NOT what was being discussed--not by me anyway and since I am the OP I think I know what the topic was. I am a bad troll in this case certainly in that I wasn't trolling--I was dismissing.

As to folks ignoring me:

a) The topic seems to be generating some interest which is my only goal here. I am also encouraged by the pitifully ham-handed distractions and sad attempts at character assassination that so many of those opposing the idea have resorted to right off the bat.

b) I would dearly love it if a few persons here did a better job of ignoring me.

c) Do you think you might be interested in joining the ranks of those who ignore me? I know that I would enjoy it immensely.

As to my attitude: Now, this is just an off-the-cuff hypothesis I would like to make that clear, but perhaps my being so flippant with you and roach might, in some way, correlate with the fact that you seem far more interested in getting a rise out of me then discussing Gorn as a playable Federation race.

One other point; showing all three responses, while specifically cutting around the statements they were made in response to, is at best sloppy and at worst cowardly. You are using the same tactic roach was: sow discord to derail a conversation you don't want to see take place.

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