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01-16-2013, 03:19 AM
Originally Posted by tostrek2012 View Post
I did it! Here is under the assumption that you want to add the Collector Edition to your existing account.
Yes, you have to jump several hoops before you can access your Deluxe edition content. This process is done with the Steam Starter Pack as well (Which I recommend getting for the SteamRunner).

Keep in mind that the codes in the Deluxe Edition is found in the last page of the instruction manual. The European Edition does come with the T-Shirt - the American version does not.

We Americans get the Comm Badge Pin, two uniforms, & the console

Originally Posted by tostrek2012 View Post
Next, start your game as usual. Go to the Zen Store -> Legacy Unlocks, and claim your Red Matter Capacitor. Your free uniforms are automatically unlocked. The free Constitution class Enterprise can be claimed from the shipyard (listing as zero zen). However, it won't let me rename it as "Enterprise" because it is a restricted name. Strangely, I was able to name it "Potemkin."
You cannot name it the "Enterprise" because the name is Iconic and is the mascot for Star Trek, that is the center theme for the series.

It is the same when naming BO's and character names - It will not allow you to name it after copyrighted works, and/or famous actors from the TV series.

For Example: I tried naming a toon after Supergirls Kryptonian name:

Kara Zor El

The game would not allow it.

The name "Potemkin" though used in the original series after a starship, is not iconic to the series nor was it the center theme of the series. Basically not important enough to the Trek series. Same with the Kelvin etc...

Also names like Voyager, Defiant, Enterprise are all Iconic ships from the series - I can only imagine that Cryptic does not want a thousand Voyagers & Defiants flying around, let alone Enterprise.

Why would anyone even want to name their ship Enterprise? It is already in the game and its Captain is Shon.