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Originally Posted by saxfire View Post
I already know this and it's not issue to me, simply use crthxxxx weapons, not problem to me, they wont fix it, why would faw have higher accuracy since its not actually aiming at nothing? They dont have time to aim. they just randomly shoot.
I'd think that somewhat of a fallacy to say there's no aiming taking place.

All objects are being tracked - thus - all objects are being aimed at by the ship's computer. It's not like a person walking into a room with a rough guess of where everything is...the computer has everything marked, tracked, aimed at...

Although the target selection is random, that's not the same as saying the attacks are not aimed.

It's not like a CSV which is a cone attack - a scatter shot - not aimed, but rather directed. A FAW's aimed - it's accuracy should be no different than any other aimed beam attack.

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