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01-16-2013, 05:30 AM
I would also like to strongly second one of Hank's statements. In recent times it's fast become my belief that the fleet has suffered in part because we strive hard to play clean games, to encourage others to do likewise and because we refuse to abuse the game any more than it's already been abused.

While we've on occasion been a little zealous in converting the playerbase to the clean and plain side of life, we've also long had the support of many in the community for our policies and the way we play the game. There are quarters who'd like to drag everyone down to the same level, and the mere existence of the fleet infuriates them. It's my belief that this is the reasoning that led to the original intense scrutiny, and in reaching out with a fig leaf to all PvP players I'm by no means excusing said behavior.

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