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01-16-2013, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by deaconltc View Post
Fun as it is to speculate though, I think it's fruitless to try to assign some naval logic to this game, which is itself based on a franchise that was (probably intentionally) fairly scant on strategic explanations in the first place.

The original series and perhaps the next generation were both scant on strategic explanations I agree. But such strategic explanations did happen from time to time, especially in the movies. For example, in the Wrath of Khan they go in depth into explaining why combat in space is different from combat in an atmosphere.

The reason for the difference of course being that in space you have to think in all possible vectors, not just three-dimensions. Therefore attacks can come from any direction. The easiest similarity is Submarine or Aircraft Warfare but even those don't come close because in space you don't have the orientation of the planet itself to keep you from turning upside down constantly. The fact that Star Trek Online doesn't involve us flipping upside down constantly, is simply a courtesy that the designers gave us so that we don't barf on our computers I imagine.