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01-16-2013, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
The original bar list on the International PvP TS was very small, and represented a lone exception to the general rule. The problem was that a few of our members were deeply upset -- long prior to all of this -- with some of the players in question using our "open Teamspeak" policy. We couldn't ignore the feelings of some of our fleetmates and so the issue was put to a vote.
I appreciate the honesty, but I think what you've laid out has some very negative repercussions.

You guys want to strengthen the PvP community, and so do we, and we should be working together on that. Instead of building a single unified community though, we have two loose groups forming that are becoming more partisan as time goes on. You've got the Panda/Critz/TSI sphere on the one hand, and the TRH/Inner Circle and friends sphere on the other. If we aren't careful this could get as bad as Republicans vs. Democrats.

How you run your TS is your business, but if you care about strengthening PvP you should either have it be open with fair rules, or abandon the pretense altogether and revert to a closed or semi-closed fleet TS. What we have right now is only helping to divide the community.

Keep in mind that the will of the majority is a fickle creature -- it is prone to mob mentality and group think. You need a balance between the individual and the whole. Pandas gravitates more towards the individual, and from what I've heard TRH gravitates almost completely towards the whole. We can debate the philosophy behind all of this, but I believe a lopsided system to be a structural weakness.

For example, I've been told that the recent release of private conversations was decided democratically, despite the fact that one individual decided to secretly record and suggest releasing them. Now that individual is hiding behind the guilt of the collective and refuses to take any sort of personal responsibility. The most likely truth is that the group only voted for what that individual had in his heart to do already, and aside from that individual no one who voted with him would be brazen enough go through with the act on their own. Some fault lies with the group, definitely, but the majority lies with the individual. If your fleet had a stronger balance between individual and collective rights and responsibilities this incident would probably be avoided altogether.

While it's a good step that you've said sorry in a general sense, releasing private conversations is something that needs to be specifically apologized for given the magnitude of it's consequences. Whether you decide to answer individually or as a whole, I do want a response -- Will you promise not to secretly record private conversations and release them publicly in the future? If you can't make this promise, then this thread isn't about making right, but rather about good PR for TRH. If you can make this promise, we can start making progress towards more cooperation and hopefully undo some of the segregation we've unwittingly created in the PvP community.