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I believe the Banner Ships in Star Trek fall into the category of the Diplomatic Vessels such as the Ambassador Class. Heck, even the U.S.S. Enterprise - D could qualify by virtue of being a ship more designed as a luxury cruise liner for all intents and purposes and not a ship strictly designed for War Efforts. In fact I think the intent of the NCC-1701-D being a Diplomatic/Exploration Vessel was expounded upon in great depth the very first season of the Next Generation if I remember correctly. It wasn't outfitted for war until much much later in the series.

Granted it could hold its own in space battles even back in the very first season, but space warfare wasn't its chief purpose. After all it did play host to countless dignitaries over the course of seven seasons.
I agree. The Galaxy class is a "banner ship" par excellence.

Of course, there is this slight problem that in STO there is no command structure to be carried by the banner ship, which sort of takes away their purpose. But that was solved by giving them healer abilities and "threat attraction" if wanted.

Eh... debatable, I would argue the Escort would be closer in kin to the Destroyer type ship than it is the Battlecruiser. The Battlecruiser is what I would classify the Sovereign, Excelsior and Star Cruiser as. The Destroyer is most similar to the Fleet Defiant in terms of survivability.

Whereas the Dreadnaught in Star Trek Online terms is relegated to the roles of the Galaxy-X and Odyssey. Both are massive ships, both have staggering armaments (Galaxy-X especially) and both have the survivability of a behemoth.
I think that this is exactly the error I was referring to. The escorts/destroyer/warships are named misleadingly, and so one is tempted to believe they were some kind of non-capital ships. But they are battlecruisers in function: Biggest guns in the game, and fast and agile.

Of course, there are hybrids, such as the Regent or the T5 Excelsior on the cruiser side or the Chel grett and 1000 day Veteran ships on the escort side, which is a good thing. But the basic roles, in TVtropes terms, are not destroyer vs battlecruiser (or dreadnought), but battlecruiser vs banner ship.

except don't all spaceborn vehicles kind of qualify as submarines if we are using naval terms properly?
In STO space combat? I would not say so.
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