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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
so once i recruit as many as i can use, im sure i will have about 20% crit chance wile APA is on, before even factoring the crit mods on the weapons. thats pretty hilarious.

at this point, im pretty sure the average crit chance has doubled since season 7
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
Crits will be the new norm. We're gonna need two things:

1. Super crits. Because crit chance is going to be 100%, anything over that is converted into super crit.

2. Crit defense. Imagine tacking "immunity to critical hits" onto PH or APO. Most likely adding a T3 embassy doff that gives it.

Ain't power creep hysterical?
If STO uses a 2 roll system, one to determine if a hit took place, and then one to determine severity, APO already has built in crit resistance. Misses can't crit. So if your crit chance was say....50%. Well it would only be 50% of the times that you actually hit something. Well if you only hit 50% of the time only 25% of your shots fired actually become crits.

If it is a one roll system increasing your crit chance may just decrease the chance to get any other result, in a certain order. Depends on what way the table is set up. If increasing crit chance pushed normal hits off the table first, you would hit at the same rate, but crit more often as hits are being converted to crits. If it pushed misses off the table first you would be converting those misses into crits. So you would hit more often, and those extra hits would be crits.

And all in all, this is why avoidance stats are wonky, and prone to be hard to balance. Especially when the way it is distributed is a tad uneven.

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