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01-16-2013, 09:12 AM
If the Combat Log is a text file and isn't locked (meaning a program like notepad can open it while the client is still logging), and the parser doesn't do anything but access the text file, then it shouldn't be against the rules. Reading a locked file in real time would certainly be bypassing an intentional design decision and would be against the eula/tos.

Combat Log is just a user requested data output file like a screenshot or perhaps demorecord (I'm not familiar enough to know how that works) If looking at the combat log in a 3rd party program that doesn't interface with STO is against the rules, then opening a screenshot or demorecord file in a 3rd party tool while STO is open is also against the eula/tos, and screen recording via FRAPS would also be against the eula/tos.