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01-16-2013, 09:12 AM
Despite its many bugs, I find Ker'rat quite good fun, so wouldn't want them to remove / change it much, other than to fix some of the bugs.

I've seen many people complain about being attacked by another player (sometimes repeatedly), when they are "only there for the PvE mission", to which I'd reply do you even read the mission description? Its KDF against Federation to steal Borg tech, so fighting is to be expected. Certainly this has grown more widespread since KDF was removed from lower ranks - Feds get used to being able to go to Ker'rat and not be attacked by Klingons, simply because Klingons don't exist at the lower ranks and are then surprised, when upon reaching Commander rank and going to Ker'rat they get jumped by a Klingon player intent on turning their ship into space dust.

I don't recall seeing anyone complain about the zone resetting too quickly because someone kept completing the mission but I guess it could happen. In which case, I'd say to the whiner(s) "If you did what you were supposed to and stopped the enemy completing their scans, the mission wouldn't complete so often."

Its a strange place and obviously there are PvPers and PvEers who don't like that the other style of play happens simultaneously in "their" zone but really there are so few places in STO where this sort of ad-hoc fighting can happen that it really needs to be kept in game as is, after all there is supposed to be a war going on between the two factions.

Have to admit its a place I visit much more often as a Klingon than as a Fed - I like the ability to cloak and stalk my prey, which just fits the KDF style much better than Fed style. Sometimes even more so when outnumbered by the Feds, as it just makes it more of a challenge to pull off that ambush and escape.
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