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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
The thing about dating the Steamrunner is that it has Sovereign-style lifeboats. No ship that we know of that pre-dates the Sovereign has Sovereign-style lifeboats. Ships prior to the Sovereign have the Galaxy-style "box" lifeboats. Even Voyager has the older style "box" lifeboats, and Voyager was a new ship, and a new class (She was in the initial Intrepid run) in 2371.. The Sovereign's "triangle" lifeboats appear to be relatively new, and both Steamrunner and Akira have them.

So just off the lifeboats alone, I'd estimate Steamrunner and Akira to be around Soveriegn-era. They definitely don't pre-date the Galaxy. Definitely the late-2360s-early 2370s.
Aside from the Lifeboats, Akira, Norway, Steamrunner, Defiant, and Saber were all designs created to counter the Borg threat. This alone forces these ships to be late 2360s to early 2370s.