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01-16-2013, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
What about the part you make up for with the Hull-On burns? (Apply Directly To The Hull!) Does it close the gap?
I have a +plasma embassy science consoles on my main Fed (tactical) and use phasers and the kinetic t4 passive.

Last weekend, my fleetmates and I were hitting the Cap & Hold queues, and in one of the games my damage breakdown was this:
Total damage - 1.5 mil
Kinetic damage - 77k
Plasma damage - 7k

I don't know how much more plasma weapon's DOT is, but if it's any where close to the +plasma consoles, then it's really not that much.

Also, in combat or orbiting space, the +plasma consoles show a 0.03 damage DOT.