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01-16-2013, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We're aware of the KHG helmet issue and are working towards a resolution. Once fixed, you will not need to run your Costume Unlock projects again or anything like that - any fix will be retroactive.

For anyone that's missing Omega or MACO helmet options, can you please provide the following details:

- Allegiance (Fed/Kdf)
- Species
- Which Style Unlocks you have obtained
- Whether or not the armor item from the same tier properly displays the associated helmet
While you're at it, could you please readjust the fur on the male KHG shoulders? It's too close to the neck, compared to the female versions.
Look at my avatar. They should be covering the midsection of the shoulder pads.
It creates horrible clipping issues with the head/helmet as soon as the character does anything but stand around, arms at the side.
For example, if you use brawler stance and your character crosses his arms, his head almost completely submerges in fur.

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