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Originally Posted by bugspatteredjack View Post
Funny, I was impressed at just how well he responded to every point! How was he being defensive? Not trying to start something, just curious. As for the ship itself, I think its an interesting design ... reminds me of the NX Enterprise. Is it worth the purchase price and if so, how come there aren't more of them flying around?
There is no vitriol in my previous post, simply stating fact as I've seen it. to the best of my knowledge, only the Defiant received any real attention post release. I have neither the time nor any real desire to go back and review patch notes. If you happen to have screen shots of pre and post fix on ships like the Sovereign, that'd be great. Otherwise, don't get so defensive. I wasn't slamming CapnLogan, I was simply stating a fact. He became upset with the number of requests for updates and tweaks to existing ship models. Cryptic was at a low point with a lack of personnel, requiring everyone to multi-task. Logan felt he would be better off somewhere else.

That being said, I did notice a change in the T6 hull material, allowing it to be seen similarly to the Odyssey and Regent. Thank you for that, Jamz.

Jamz, would a similar thread for the current Defiant-class be considered? The lack of appropriate hull patterns & accent lighting would be a most welcome update.
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