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01-16-2013, 12:45 PM
Ok first and foremost I want to say this......

The OP posted this as a hey, we are sorry for anything we have done or offended. Weither it was on purpose or not.

Saying that was enough.

Talking about TS or defending yourself about this or that wont work for anyone.

Panda, TSI, Turkish....Everyone

Has done things good and at times have made mistakes.

Given that all I see is a few people stirring the pot. Reasons could be from defending themselves to all out being rude.

Honestly I lost a lot of respect for people who talk a good game in TS but then on these forums start it out.

I think Turkish TRYING to make amends is commendable. Hurley doesn't speak for all the Panda's Nor does Pax for all the Turkish. Naturally though it does affect the fleet your in.

But when you come on a forum and attack the OP its pretty obvious. You making yet another mistake.

I have said this to past Fleet members. Some people you can play with and some you cant. Just take your bat and ball and go play somewhere else. Dont respond nor accept matches from that fleet. LEAVE EACH other alone. Its that simple

With that I have met some great pandas, TSI, Turkish, 1AQ, Orions, CRITZ, and many other fleets that are great to play with.

Its no that some people just suck..its just some people just dont get along. Trolling should be left out the door.

Turkish should be commended for their attempt.