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While lag can be caused by any number of things that Cryptic has no control over,they cannot deny the fact that when most,if not all,of the players are experiencing frequent disconnects on map transfers,server not responding,extreme UI lag with activation of skills/weapons and using the reputation/fleet tabs,PvE and PvP queues that fail to launch or leaving team members behind....that there is something seriously going wrong on their end.

And yet,when the devs are asked politely in the REDALERT channel when these lag issues will be dealt with....we are met with silence and the ignore button.Why? Is this something the devs can't fix?They have no control over their own game engine? Incompetence? Or have they filed it under "working as intended" with the rest they can't be bothered to fix?

How can we play and enjoy a game when it is fighting us at every turn....

If you are as fed up with the constant lag as I am,post in this thread and let them know enough is enough.