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01-16-2013, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Look up "leading question" on Google. I only asked one question, and it wasn't leading.

Here's the question: Will you promise not to secretly record private conversations and release them publicly in the future?

There's exactly one way one might argue this is a leading question -- that it implies TRH released private correspondence to the public. But TRH actually did release private correspondence to the public, which is a fact no one denies. Therefore, this is not a leading question.

A satisfactory answer is required. How can we trust TRH in the future without one?

The second half of this sentence is not relevant since I did not ask a leading question, but please, and I mean this with all sincerity, if I've misunderstood the TRH process somehow feel free to correct me.

I'm not aware that I've done either in this thread. The later may be able to be loosely argued, but certainly I haven't slurred -- that's a false accusation on your part.

I appreciate your desire not to offend after the recent drama Naz, but if we bury our heads in the sand and pretend these issues do not exist it's only a matter of time before things reach a boiling point again. Delaying makes the eventual fallout worse. Better that we work things out now, or at least try.

Hurley I saw you on TS and you talked a great game. But reading this I am totally convinced that the TS was a ploy. You say one thing and do the EXACT opposite. What happen to lets talk it on TS not the forums. What do you do? Exactly the opposite. I dont even know you man. If anyone is at fault at this moment is you. Taking an apology and making it an attack. Please meet them on Turkish to work it out. This is really classless.

if you have an issue with me saying this please message me on @cptcisco I will gladly talk to you in TS. Wether your offended or not by any post follow your own advice. They made sense to me when you said it. Now I see what people are talking about.