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01-16-2013, 12:05 PM
To me, Ker'rat is the epitomy of fair. There are no rules, there are no bounds, it's just "kill everything that isn't an ally" (and sometimes if you can, get them killed too =D).

I personally love it when I get to zip around cloaked on my KDF looking for item farmers, and I will admit to being guilty of attacking someone who is already fighting the Borg on more than one occasion as both KDF and Starfleet.

But tbh, I go to Ker'rat for pretty mcuh one reason: mass demolition. I go there to fight other players, kill them, laugh at their attempts at insults in chat, and then kill them again. Sufficed to say, Ker'rat is quite entertaining. I don't go there for loot, I don't go there for expertise. I only go there for the joy of killing someone that can actually use their BOff abilities, and use their ships better than an NPC.

However, more often than not, the chat makes the whole trip worth it. Because let's face it, it has the absolute BEST whining and most amazing cries of foul you'll ever see.

My personal faves are these: "Let me warp out, I don't want to fight!" (um... you came to Ker'rat... this is a PvP warzone...), "LOL it took 5 of you to kill me!" (yeah well guess what, all 5 of us are still alive and you're dead. Who's laughing now?), "No fair! You had help!" (fair? You were spawn camping us jackwagon!), "Let me farm! I don't want to fight, I just want items!" (um... do a fleet action, that way only NPCs shoot at you), and my absolute personal favorite: "You cheated! Hacker!" (so... you couldn't kill my beam cruiser with your cannon escort and I cheated... ok then)

Don't change Ker'rat. It's a wonderful place full of noobs, pros, bored people, and rude NPCs that interrupt fights between players.
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