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01-16-2013, 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
I liked the Plasma Idea based on the fact that I was not going so much for DPS as I was going for DOT.... the disruptor proc of the Romulan Plasma Weapons is what sold me debuffing your hull resists while the Plasma Fire does its damage not to mention the Hyper-Plas Torp and Elite Scorpions the DPS gets Frighteningly High.... then the DOT.... and the dot starts getting silly in that it forces you to pop that Hazard emitter earlier than you would have liked.... fortunately the NPC's in STF's and such don't do this so its all gravy... burn baby burn plasma inferno
oh I forgot to add to my list why I did not use plasma: I bought a mk xi plasma threat scaling console, which should add similar proc to my disruptors as the romulan plasma weapons come, and the fire dealt around 100-200 DPS. that was not too much, and its with a better disruptor proc too. so it also discouraged me, but as I said, plasma could still be very very viable