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I like the idea, but as has already been said, the design's not very practical. It'd cost billions of pounds to build.
It's not as impractical as you'd think. The saucer and its gravity wheel are large enough to support the living space and recreation areas, a hanger for docked ships including three Universal Landers ("shuttlecraft"), a large cargo bay, science labs, supplies for the journeys, and more. The engine hulls contain the nuclear reactors and the ion engines, as well as additional space for cargo and other necessities.

The only weak spots might be the neck and the nacelle struts, but they can be different from those of the Enterprises from Star Trek. They only need to be "accurate" enough to be recognized as an Enterprise configuration.

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Fortunately, with warp drive being researched, that at least is a possibility.
The Gen4 might have warp drive, but that's a pretty long-term goal.

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An idea for keeping it practical and inspirational, build something like the Omega from Babylon 5. It has a rotating section that can produce centrifugal gravity and the design is robust.

Here's an image: Click here.

Obviously, take the weapons off it... and the fighters...

Make the habitation module longer.

Other than that, it's a very good design. I'd definitely be inspired to see it.
To be honest, it looks pretty ugly to me. More like a cargo freighter than a vessel of exploration and discovery.

I'm sure any large-scale interplanetary ship would be exciting and inspirational. However, I do think the Enterprise design is a much more recognizable icon for boldly going where no one has gone before, and the nostalgia such a design would generate would be hard to match.

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Obviously down-scale it so we can build it. The main challenge would be assembly. It'd have to be assembled in space but the components could be built on the ground. It'd take a while but you could construct it modularly like the ISS.
That probably is how it will be built, regardless of the configuration.