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An actual point; thank you, Roach. While normally I loathe answering one question with another in this case I feel I need to:

Have you ever been part of an occupation force?

I have--people HATE that. The Gorn have been established as a folk who especially hate it, just look at how they reacted when someone parked a colony on some outlying rock they weren't even using.
An occupation force that allowed for FULL sovereignty of the nation, representation in the Klingon government and millitary, as well as civilian status and full protectorate benefits?

When has Bin Laden and Saddam served on the US senate with Taliban forces walking the streets of D.C. and serving in the Marine Corps?

to avoid needless hyperbole, the Gorn are probably the #2 thing that make the Klingon faction unique and awesome, there's no need for Fed players to leech everything away just because of a fear of trying something new.
Drink one shot for ever time someone complains about realism in Star Trek.
Drink two shots if they don't know what "fiction" is.

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