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Hmm... I probably should have posted this earlier, but enh...

Hidden stuff: (most of it not very well hidden)
Zellata ground: you get a lot of historical information if you talk to Loriss, mostly about the planet you're on.

research lab:
Each of the Vorta NPCs has something to say, some of it is boring though. the most interesting ones are Enliss, Loto, and Voliss. But you have to talk to Loto and Voliss after you talk to Enliss to get them to talk about Enliss.
The other hidden stuff is related to the base reactor. It's protected by a security forcefield, if you try to bypass the field to get in, Enliss will try to beat you senseless. If you do NOT do that, you can talk to Jeyoun after you find him. Then you can go inside the field and get a closer look at the reactor.

ruins: there's two hidden bits here: there's a vorta standing on a half-submerged part of the ruins, and if you look around near some aquatic plants you will find a fish you can interact with.

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