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Your signature caused me to wake up in a desert with no pants.
Be honest now, that happens to you what; five or six times a year?

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No we are not dealing with a TV show we are dealing with Star Trek, and when it comes to canon (cannon is something you put on your escort, you can thank me later) it's the holy words of Trek. As much as i hate canon, and always love story over canon in Trek,if you're going to use canon at least use it right, and there is no assuming this happen in Star Trek when it comes to fans.

If it was not "on screen" it did not happen.
Fair enough. But remember that the ST writers were hardly top-shelf themselves when it came to consistancy--especially when it was not convienant to the story they were currently writing. My only point there is that it can be squared with things we learned about the Gorn in the various shows, both directly and indirectly. Sorry for late response to this but I was doing a lot of catching up, lol.

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