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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
What about the part you make up for with the Hull-On burns? (Apply Directly To The Hull!) Does it close the gap?
if im not reading the logs wrong, and if its not displaying it incorrectly, the energy weapon proc accounts for about 1% of my damage. and thats when most of it hits shields and does 20% less damage then anything else would.

the log does funny things. like plasma torps, the dot, and hull impact are in the same entry, but apparently the shield impacts are in another. add in the rom or omega torps, and it gets even more random and complicated. so its extreamly hard to judge how your plasma torp build is actually doing.

basically, the energy weapon proc is terrible and does almost nothing, and at the very least particle gens should buff all plasma procs, not just EWP. its all plasma energy damage anyway.
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