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01-16-2013, 03:41 PM
I think torps could use a look. There've been nice things that've happened to them over the last year. Projectile DOff's, buffed shield pen on Transphasics, Chroniton movement debuff can actually be resisted by AP:O... but this has had some pretty ugly effects, too.

Photon torpedos have become, essentially, *even* worse Quantums. They never realistically fire faster than you'd be able to get the many times more powerful Quantums to, and for spiking are, naturally, second-rate and thoroughly unappealing. It's also painfully slow under the effects of high-yield. Honestly? There's no niche it fills not filled by some other torpedo.

Transphasic torps are mostly in a good place, though having their shield pen nerfed when used with torp powers is kind of a drag. A whole-hog buffed Breen Cluster Torpedo can do utterly devastating damage. As an amusing anecdote, when helping Renimelt test a piece of software I critted his BFI+125 Aux Aux2SIF 3 resistance capped Oddy and took 2/3rd's of his hull clean through his shields.

Chronitons put the brakes on people. They're awesome when spec'ing Graviton Generators without ever really needing to spec torps, and as another plus, it's easier than [mom joke] to get bonuses to Graviton Generators.

Plasma Torps... oh goodness plasma torps. You connect 'em with bare hull and they hurt. You connect 'em with shields... and they hurt. You can buff their burns without ever spec'ing into torps (AFAIK, the burns are buffed by the Energy Weapons skill).

Quantum torps are, basically, still quantum torps. They hit, they crit, you die if they touch hull at an inopportune moment.

Tricobalt Torps picked up a nifty trick when used with the Nadeon Detonator console, but are otherwise the same old gambler's weapon. Somewhat difficult to connect with amazing pay off, and a nice bit of built-in crowd control.

To be honest, I don't think torpedos in general need much buffs outside the maligned Photon Torpedo, in terms of raw performance. The usability of launchers, though, need to be made more compatible with Fed Snoozers (< turn than Excelsior) if the game's design goals want us mounting fore and aft torps for more than canon flavoring. Unless we're all supposed to be flying mine layers.

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