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01-16-2013, 04:17 PM
They need to change the way they work with shields. I am tired of a shield facing having like 100 shield HP and the torp behaves the same as if the facing was at full strength. If the torp does 3K damage and the shield facing it strikes has 240HP, thats 2760 extra damage that should fall over to the hull. I would be happy with %50 to %1000 of the left over damage hitting the hull. Maybe not all of it, but something should be said for weakened shields vs torps.

If the facing is stronger than the torp, the current mechanic of a percentage of bleed through is ok. I think the shield damage from a torp hit should be a bit higher. No one should just sit there with full shields and take torp hit after torp and barely have to heal shields for them while topping off the hull from the bleed through.

I would be cool with a buff... as long as crits do not get out of control.
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