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# 1 Proposal: Pay to refine
01-16-2013, 03:29 PM
Thanks to relentless grinding, fantastic luck getting contraband-drops and other factors I now have 45,000 dilth backed up ready to refine. I could unleash several projects at once if I had access to this, instead I have to drip-feed them 8K at a time.

8K isn't enough to triggers some rep projects... So I have to wait days to run projects that complete in 120 seconds.

My proposal is this: A microtransaction-based one-shot "refine everything deal." For $5 worth of Zen get instant access to all your dilth. To prevent abuse, run it on a 7-day cooldown and limit ONE transaction token per account during that 7-day cooldown.

This is a situation where I am asking Cryptic to LET ME GIVE YOU REAL CASH MONEY in trade for an in-game service.

Can we get a dev to weigh in on this idea?