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Originally Posted by helixsunbringer View Post
except don't all spaceborn vehicles kind of qualify as submarines if we are using naval terms properly?

Submarines are submersible.

No water in space so no theorycraft soup for you on that.

Can agree with the rest of your post though.


Some great points brought up in this thread btw. Sorry for not addressing each one of them but I can agree with a lot of what others are saying here. Time is not my friend atm.

"Banner" ships look to be word play on Flag ships.

To me, TVtropes just reaffirms my belief that most civilian writers have no real working knowledge and understanding of things military.

Just throwing out some thoughts from the years of conditioning I experienced in the service.

Nothing shuts down my support for military themed entertainment faster than weaksauce writing by those who know not.

Good convo.

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