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01-16-2013, 04:12 PM
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If these Enterprises are going to be more than just tourist destinations, then I rather have them not built. If they are used as tourist destinations, then it is not necessary to have artificial gravity since people will only be there for a week or two at the most. Using a future design rather than something that will be about a hundred years old when it finally starts being built is a more sensible option. Starships that are used for scientific research and exploration should be created to optimize the crew's performance. Using the Enterprise seems like it will be a problem for productivity and safety and safety is far more important to people on the starship than being a symbol. The Enterprise has no real basis as being a valid Starship design. The Borg Cube makea for a more practical design.
If NASA announced they were thinking of building a giant cube in space, would the general public care enough that the government would be willing to fund it? Probably not. If they announced they were thinking of building the USS Enterprise? Quite possibly.

A cube might be a bit more functional. But the Enterprise is much more attractive to the average person, and getting funding for an interplanetary spaceship will be a lot easier with the public supporting it.

And the Enterprise is still a nice, practical design. It has room and equipment for everything it needs to do its missions, it will have triple redundancy to minimize any problems or dangers to the crew, and will reinvigorate the space industry in a huge way. The saucer-neck-hull-nacelle configuration isn't as restrictive as people are making it out to be.