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01-16-2013, 05:17 PM
The Galaxy Class curisers turn VERY slowly. They aren't the worst turning ships in the game, but they are closs. I've found them to be an unpleasant interlude between tier III and V Excelsiors, which I like much better.

Because they turn slowly, keeping an enemy in the forward arc is a problem. There are tricks, such as moving at ? speed to get a better turn rate or going in reverse, which a captain has to learn. Still, a Galaxy captain spends a lot of time with the enemy to the sides and astern of him. You have already experienced this yourself.

[NOTE: to keep people from staying in reverse, the developers put in a reverse power drain. It takes power from all your systems. This drain can be defeated by switching into forward motion, then back into reverse.]

Low turn rates don't match well with limited firing arc weapons. Dual cannon won't go on a tier IV Exploration Cruiser, so that isn't an issue, but dual beam banks and torpedo launchers only have a 90? arc. Standard beam arrays give a 250? arc, which is a much better match for this ship. You might consider replacing one of the forward torpedos with another phaser. This would boost your broadside firepower by 25% (or more, depending on the phaser).

Blue colored retrofit phasers are available from the mission "Evertything Old is New". This is a relatively fast and simple mission, which I suspect was meant to be a phaser farm. You can get a Mk VIII retrofit phaser with bonuses to both critical hit chance and damage, which is more powerful than the retrofit phasers you are using now.