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01-16-2013, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
99% of what TRH had to apologize for is the recording incidents. If TRH isn't willing to promise not to repeat those actions in the future, there is no way that their apology is sincere.The reason I'm so motivated to get a response is I believe without one it's only a matter of time before tensions erupt again. This line of inquiry would have ended long ago if an appropriately prompt response was given, and it is still not to late for one.

That being said, thanks for the complement on my being able to "talk a great game." The truth is that I came onto TRH TS to extend an olive branch only to be harassed, piled on, blamed, and eventually banned mid sentence despite my calm demeanor. It was the inability of TRH to take any kind of direct responsibility for the recording incident when I was on their TS that prompted the request for them to do it now. I'm always willing to talk, though next time I would prefer Panda Vent since as I can trust myself not to ban people I dislike or disagree with (and I'm sure I'm still not welcome on TRH TS anyway).
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