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01-16-2013, 04:36 PM
Torpedoes are fine if you put them on a ship with tremendous forward firepower, and time them to hit when shields are down.

They suck on a cruiser though. The problem on slow ships is that you need broadsides to have any chance of weakening shields, but torpedoes don't fire to the side.

In canon, cruisers are shown firing torpedoes that curve to hit targets to the side, so I think it might be a help if the weaker torpedoes (photons in particular) were given much wider firing arcs. It probably wouldn't be the end of the world if photons had a 270? arc to match beam arrays.

Photons aren't really the type of torpedo that is timed anyway -- they are best used when fired as quickly as possible due to their short cooldown. With a broader arc, healer-types could still contribute a little to DPS just because they would be very likely to have torpedoes in flight most of the time.

Ideally, photons shouldn't require much thought or timing to use. "Fire photon torpedoes" is never ever the wrong answer in canon combat, so it should work about the same in the game -- sure, they might not do full damage against shields, but they ought to slip in and hit bare hull occasionally just by virtue of being fired so often.

I'd be less sure about changes to other torpedo types. I could see quantums having a slightly wider firing arc, without being as wide as photons. Those are both torpedoes that are shown being used effectively on slow ships, and both are shown being fired pretty much as frequently as they can be loaded.