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Yes, I think that there would be a certain amount of narcissism to it, overall, I just figured GSA would be a suitably significant personality flaw
Yeah, especially since "normally" GSA occurs when the siblings were not raised together (and therefore the Westermarck effect didn't prevent the attraction).

Worf made a comment in DS-9 about how he had accidentally killed another child while playing soccer, so I think as a child, he may indeed have participated more in Human culture, but become more withdrawn after that incident. The episode of TNG where they found the other Klingons showed just how separated from Klingon culture Worf truly was. If anything, Sisko embraced the Klingon lifestyle much more than Worf ever did
Not so sure about Sisko, but it might well be arguable that Curzon and Jadzia Dax were more into the "modern" Klingon culture than Worf was.

And yeah, I was definitely thinking about the soccer incident that Worf had. But it strikes me that he seems ignorant of human culture to the point of not even knowing the basics that you couldn't help seeing if you were watching TV, or the 24th-century equivalent thereof.

It could be, that Devidians are somewhat like Vampires when it comes to learning to ignore the terror of their victims. I often wondered if a Vampire's 'lack of a soul', was what enabled them to feed without feeling sympathy for their victims.
Quite possibly. Then again, plain old human psychology is capable of some pretty serious extremes on its own (think of the Milgram and Stanford Prison Experiments! ). Even regular people, if not specifically educated to watch for it, are subject to dangerous and even cruel cognitive biases. That's part of why I decided to go with the explanation of it being a learned behavior rather than some sort of genetic inability to emote or feel sympathy. There's a whole evolutionary explanation I've been coming up with, but I won't post it here because it would take up way too much room.

[quote[You're definitely going to have to post up more of Alyosha's escapades, I'd love to read th]m [/quote]

Thanks! Hopefully the next prompts will inspire me. Exploring the fallout of this incident is definitely something I would do, given the opportunity.

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