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01-16-2013, 04:53 PM
I'd really like for this to happen. Voice overs are just so much more engaging than reading a text box. I really dislike the idea of paying to get that privilege. Perhaps there could be some sort of trust system, so the most popular authors get access? Employ a zero tolerance policy, people can flag down offenders. There's too much to gain, in my opinion, to not pursue this, even if it does introduce some challenges.

There's a big gap between a mission with voice acting, good cutscenes and a mission presenting dialogue in a popup, text box. It just elevates the quality of Foundry missions across the board. Custom objects that you can directly upload to your project might be a stretch, but maybe there could be a system where the community can submit and have approved objects/props.

Anyway, I'm all for pursuing more freedom for Foundry authors, since they're the most vibrant and interesting aspect of STO's future in my opinion.