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01-16-2013, 06:04 PM
Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
It probably was... Remember, reputation projects (including unlocks) were originally 40 hours. By that schedule, I don't think anyone would actually be T5 yet. So they expected more time to test and finish the upper-tier rewards.

It's the same reason there's still no flamethrower in Romulan T5.
Yeah I wouldnt be surprised. Bigger dev team = continued rush jobs. When will developers understand by taking a little more time with a project will satisfy there players/customers. To be frank "in a perfect world" the items and what not on the rep system should of been tested, debugged, looked over before even putting the rep system into play.. but again "perfect world here"

Originally Posted by suaveks
Of course it was rushed, like everything else in this game. Most of the reputation stuff isn't even working properly, or has numerous bugs that we can't even be sure are gonna get fixed at all (sadly, Cryptic has the tendency to ignore obvious bugs that were reported numerous times - especially the ones regarding costumes and visuals).

If it'll make you feel better, the Adapted KHG is in much worse shape. Not only when it comes to colours, but they've also broke ALL helmet options on KDF characters.
Not to mention, the Adapted KHG is different than what Photonic KHG Boff wears. That was a big disappointment for me, as I was hoping for the spiky armour parts.

Gonna get fixed "soon(tm)"...
Yep, one day I would like to be surprised when something isnt rushed, or pushed back.. you know.. something that actually gets done correctly would be nice. Yeah still waiting for my plasma thrower since umm how many weeks now..3,4.. not sure lost count.

Havent seen the adapted yet, other then some minor visuals from awile ago. Still working on my feds atm. But yet again not surprised since most of the kdf content gets borked in some fashion and its usually worse like you stated.

Yeah.. "soon(tm) indeed"
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