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01-16-2013, 05:12 PM
For a personal opinion...

You can get future problems with this.

I take a key of a special edition of STO, getting some good stuffl and 30 days of gold subscription while I have a Recurring 3-Month - Limited Time Offer with a promotional price of 29,99.

But withou any warning from PW/Crypt, I become silver while my account in the crypt website show me a active gold account. While paying for gold!

Now I have a hard time to dealing with the support because I become silver without any warning from pw/crypt while I am paying from gold... Serious, after checking the webiste saying I am gold and in the game I have only silver features, my trust to put my money in the PW/Crypt ends, and I have no security to have any subscription or buy anything here.

For things like this, to a worse customer support about billing problems I am thinking to cancel my gold account in any PW/Crypt products and not get the lifetime in anyway.

Is really hard to keep the trust in an group without a clear and fair automated e-mail system to report any subscription problem to your consumers.

STO/Crypt can say you can get 30 days of gold using the key, but you can have problems with your gold subscription later, because StO/Crypt can't give a proper way to inform the client about any subscription problem. If is in the side of the Crypt/PW or of the customer side. :/
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?