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01-16-2013, 05:16 PM
For photons, Doffs have certainly made their rate of fire less attractive. The PSW torp console used to only apply to photon torps, so they lost this advantage. The Borg weapon proc is gone, so for PvE they lost the advantage of 1k free damage.

Irrc, (and it's been a long time since I looked @ them, so please correct me if I'm wrong) Photon torps have a high potential (compared to other torps) to kill crew. If this is actually correct this is the only reason I can think to use photonic torps over others for torp builds. For non torp builds that don't use Torp doffs the RoF advantage may still be worthwhile for spam clearing combined w/CVS&TS.

Cronts imo are fine. Their job is to reduce target's movement and they do that. Given how many pets launch them, I'd prefer they not get boosted.

Pengs are fine imo.

Plasma and Trics don't need a buff (I realized you excluded them, just being thorough).

Transphasics imo are fine (especially given storyline Torp/Mines).

Given the CritH boost, I don't see Quants needing a boost tbh.

For me this just leaves Photon Torps needing a look at. Given the amount of pet spam that uses them, I'd be cautious of boosting them too much. If they don't have an advantage in killing crew, give them that niche. Then they could be used w/builds that go after power systems in synergy which would help Fed Sci ships out at least.