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01-16-2013, 06:25 PM
Not sure to be honest anymore when it comes to combos. I always used borg engines, deflector and maco shields. But I plan on trying other combinations out in the near future to take advantage of the set bonuses as much as possible.

Since I got Tier V reputation in Omega now looking at the specs (not sure if it is a graphical issue or not) the improvement to the MK XII over the old STF EDC MK XI is minimal. The engines it shows there is no change at all between the the MK X, MK XI, and MK XII. I guess if you go with the MK XII deflector and MK XII shields you would need the MK XII engines to for the set bonus?

I really wish they would give you some sort of turn in bonus though for getting the Mark XII. By this I mean have 2 purchase slots for the MK XII items. One with the expensive cost and one with a reduced cost because you turn in your MK XI item with the upgrade.

For me personally while the MK XII set is nice I honestly can not see doing 36 Elite STF runs (avg 75 omega marks per) to get the 2700 total omega marks for the set. Seems too high to me to me.

Here is the difference between the Tier X, XI, and XII sets
Assimilated Borg Set Stats MK X, MK XI, and MK XII