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01-16-2013, 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
The flaw therefore is the complete imbalance of starbase project requirements...

I mean, there are 10 sci specialisations and 4 medical, yet an average Tier 3 project requires 70 medical doffs and 60 science doffs.

How's that fair? How do you expect smaller/average fleets to meet those requirements without resorting to spending millions of EC on the exchange? Are we really expected to waste our hard earned fleet credits on yet another lottery box and pray we'll get the department we want?

How about introducing a department-specific packs then? You can even make them a bit more expensive than the current ones, as long as they would reduce the randomness of the whole affair.
Fair is subjective. It is out of balance with how the system "rewards" doffs. Even if we were to "buy" doffs from the fleet vendor, it would still be scaled out of balance at a 10:4 ratio. A balanced project requirements would look like this for that same Tier 3 project - 93 Science, 37 Medical. Heck even round it to the nearest 10 doffs at 90 Science, 40 medical and it would be closer to balance.